Permanent Beauty by Lisa

Permanent Beauty AZ


Hi! I'm Lisa and I am not just a regular tattoo artist.  I have a passion for Art and Science. I used to think that I only loved working on skin and watching the amazing change that can happen when ink enters in it but I realized that I love seeing my Clients daily!  I love that my clients are amazing and always happy to see me! Coming from a medical field where patients loved me but hated having to be at the dentist, this was a wonderful change for me and my mojo!

I was born and raised in San Jose, California and I have always loved makeup and beauty. My parents had to punish me by threatening to take away my makeup which I LOVED SO MUCH! . I used to do my friends makeup in high school and even my coworkers.  I always knew that I wanted to be in the beauty field!

I had the fortune of having a family member as a Tattoo Artist and a great one at that. I was allowed at a young age to watch him tattoo his friends and that was amazing. I remember sitting down and wondering how the ink got in so smooth and wondering if I could do that. I learned eventually how to tattoo and loved doing it, but it wasn't financially the way I could raise my son so I continued on with school.

I continued my schooling though and graduated in 2002 with a Degree in Dental Hygiene and loved giving anesthetic, yes im licensed to give injections- and I love treating patients, but what I loved more was tattooing & makeup. I loved that I could combine the two and have a great day doing it. I am fortunate to be able to utilize my education in anatomy, physiology and chemistry to work with the medium of ink and create beauty with it. I will always give you the best work I can possibly give with a passion!


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